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    The Lawyers Hub

    The Lawyers Hub is a Pan-African digital, law, data governance, and policy think tank that is headquartered in Kenya and serves the Global South. 

  • Africa Digital Policy Institute

    A premier training program that seeks to grow the next generation of digital policy leaders and build capacity through training. The institute offers both In-person and virtual training sessions targeting different industries on Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security and Data Protection and Compliance courses for Professionals and Legal Practitioners.

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  • Daily Bulletin

    Our Daily Bulletin serves as a dynamic source of up-to-the-minute insights, news, and announcements. This resource ensures that our community remains at the forefront of key developments, regulatory changes, and emerging trends. 

  • Events

    Subject  matter events that circle around law, tech and policy which also include hackathons and  the more famously known Africa Law Tech Festival, which is convened annually. Lawyers Hub also hosts other events with the aim of building our legal-tech community.

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  • Our Main Event, Convened Annually...

    The Africa Law Tech Festival

About Lawyers Hub

The Lawyers Hub  is a Pan-African Digital Law and Policy Organization working at the confluence of Law and Technology. Lawyers Hub makes Tech Regulations and Digital Policies relevant, inclusive and searchable. 

We convene Africa's largest Law and Tech Forum, and Build capacity through the Africa Digital Policy Institute and Africa startup Accelerator; for an inclusive and enabling digital economy for innovators, governments and Civil Society groups. 

The Work We Do

Africa Digital Policy Institute

The institute offers training on the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) in Kenya.

Certified Information Privacy Professional Training (CIPP/E) - March
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Recent Trainings

Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) March

Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) February

Data Protection Training - October (Virtual)

The Daily Bulletin

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Gender Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and The rule of Law In Africa
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Call for Policy Research Sprint Participants
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UN Artificial Intelligence Interim Report​

The Africa Law Tech Festival

The Africa Law Tech Festival is the largest Law and Tech conference in Africa, convening over 2000 delegates from 40+ countries. It is an annual conference designed to appeal to a wide array of players in the legal & tech space through a multifaceted approach to conferencing. The festival brings together like-minded individuals to lead idea-focused conversations and further innovation around technology and the law. Since 2020, the festival has hosted several relevant digital policy themes keeping with the rapid growth of the tech policy landscape on the African continent.

Africa Law Tech Summits

Africa Digital Policy Institute

Africa Policy Hackathon

Africa Startup Law Accelerator

Digital Rights Concert

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