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Hackathon Organized by Lawyers Hub to Tackle Key Challenges of Motorcycle Taxis (Boda-Bodas) in East Africa

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24.01.24 09:10 AM Comment(s)

On January 19, 2024, Lawyers Hub conducted a Hackathon in-person, aimed at addressing the pressing issues that Motorcycle Taxis (Boda-Bodas) in East Africa are facing. This Hackathon is a part of the Boda Boda Law project, an initiative launched by Lawyers Hub last year.

The Hackathon saw the participation of various stakeholders, including Lawyers, Tech Developers, and Motorcycle Taxi (Boda-Boda) Riders, all hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. The session was successful in identifying key challenges such as the lack of legal literacy, riders’ safety, insecurity, absence of designated parking spaces for riders, lack of social amenities, police harassment, corruption by law enforcement officers, and the perception of the profession as undignified, among others. The discussions underscored the need for Legal Literacy, proper Licensing, Capacity Building through education and training, assistance in reviewing loan and lease agreements, Insurance solutions on procurement and compensation, and Security Identification of riders. The solutions proposed were comprehensive, designed to address these challenges through various strategies.

The Boda-Boda Law Project exemplifies a progressive approach by harnessing technology to provide education, support, and legal protection. The project’s holistic nature, which includes regulation, compliance, education, and community engagement, positions it as a comprehensive initiative with the goal of formalizing the Boda-Boda sector, ensuring safety, and improving the overall quality of life for the riders.