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Lawyers Hub Launches Groundbreaking Boda-Boda Law Project Report

Kevin Tambo
01.12.23 07:28 AM Comment(s)
In response to the pressing issues faced by Boda-Boda (motorcycle taxis) riders, Lawyers Hub has initiated the Boda-Boda Law Project, aiming to provide crucial legal support and empowerment to Boda Boda riders in East Africa. The launch event, held on the 28th of November 2023, unveiled a comprehensive Boda-Boda Law Report, shedding light on the challenges within the sector and proposing meaningful solutions.

Over the past year, Lawyers Hub delved into a Digital Trade project on the role of Boda-Boda riders, revealing the pivotal role played by the riders. The exploration identified a range of challenges, from harassment and digital financial exclusion to illiteracy and financial indebtedness. The newly introduced Boda-Boda Law Project strategically addresses these challenges by focusing on Legal Compliance, Road Safety, Financial, and Digital Literacy. 

Stakeholders represented at the event participated in discussions centered around emerging technologies, understanding the challenges confronted by Boda-Boda riders, legal issues, particularly those related to accidents, and ways to support riders in terms of safety, digital literacy as well as financial literacy and inclusion. 

Linda Bonyo, The Lawyers Hub CEO, emphasized that the Boda-Boda sector represents the future of e-commerce and investing in its development will contribute to a more sustainable Africa. 

The event incorporated a virtual reality experience, allowing participants to virtually ride and directly experience challenges faced by riders on the road and appreciate the pivotal role Boda-Bodas play in daily lives.

The event concluded with the initiation of the second phase of the project, marked by the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) between Lawyers Hub and five Boda-Boda Saccos in Nairobi.

Lawyers Hub, extends an invitation to all stakeholders to join hands in supporting the cause. The comprehensive Boda-Boda Law Report is available for download. Lawyers Hub welcomes inquiries and partnerships for the project via email at wakili@lawyershubafrica.com 

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