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    Boda-boda Law Project

    Welcome to the Boda-boda Law Project, an innovative initiative that provides technical legal advisory services to Boda-boda operators and Cross-border traders in Kenya and East Africa. Our primary objective is to ensure that these traders can run their businesses without interference or harassment from law enforcement agencies, ultimately leading to stable jobs and income for operators.

    Our innovative solutions incorporate telephonic services and a user-friendly website platform that delivers real-time legal advisory services to Boda-boda operators and Cross-border Small Scale Traders. We understand the importance of compliance with all legal regulations, and our technical legal advisors are well-equipped to provide you with the necessary support and guidance.

Debt Recovery
Boda-boda law aims to help boda-boda riders recover debts owed by clients and ensure creditors recover their debts from riders in a legal and professional manner

Police Harassment
Through legal advisory and training, boda-boda law seeks to reduce cases of police harassment by ensuring the laid down regulations when dealing with boda-boda riders are followed
Free Movement
Boda-boda law seeks to educate the riders and help them navigate the complexity surrounding transportation of goods and people across the border

Legal Compliance
Boda-boda Law aims to equip riders with knowledge and skills to help them thrive by being compliant with the law, knowing their rights, and understanding their responsibilities

Get Access to Justice Through Boda-boda Law

Over the years, reports of police harassment, arbitrary arrests, and loss of income have plagued Boda-boda and cross-border traders, leading to instability in their businesses and a reliance on hand-to-mouth income. Law enforcement has often been accused of contributing to the hostile trading environment that these small-scale traders face. 

In response, the Boda-boda Law Project has emerged, seeking to empower marginalized traders in Kenya and East Africa by providing technical legal advisory services that enhance business stability, equity, and access to justice.