Data Protection Training

The Data Protection Compliance training equips you with ’All You Need to Know’ on Data Protection, Data Security and Compliance. There is no need for prior knowledge or experience to complete this course. Upon successful completion, one will be awarded with a certificate from the Africa Digital Policy Institute, IAPP and the Lawyers Hub.

Modules Covered Will Include

Fundamentals of Data Protection , Compliance & Practice , Data Security , Data Audit & Data Protection (Global Context)

Course Organisers

Lawyers Hub Kenya , Africa Digital Policy Institute


International Association of Privacy Professionals

The Faculty

Vincenzo Tiani
Brussels-based partner in the law firm Panetta & Association
Jorge Andrés Clarke De la Cerda
Strategic Advisor | Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Innovation & Sustainable Development | Mathematician, Knowledge Broker and Storyteller.


Day 1
Day one will focus  on A Comparative Analysis of African Data Privacy Laws, Data Protection Act & Regulations 2019 & how to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment.
The History and Present State of Data Protection
Data Protection Law in Focus
Data Auditing and Impact Assessments

Day 2
The Second day will focus on data breach examples, steps to protect data privacy, Data Protection Laws in a global context with an evaluation & review exercise.
Data Protection Policies & Agreements
Data Breaches: Threats and Consequences

Data Protection Laws in a global context.

Practical Information

Data Protection Compliance faq's

Participation will take place in a physical format at the Lawyers Hub Office Space.

Address: Bishop Road, 1st Ngong’ Avenue, ACK Garden House, Block D, 6th Floor.

The Training will be delivered in English

This course aims to provide all professionals from lawyers and consultants to research and development teams with a solid understanding of how data protection impacts their sector, the legal aspects and ensure that respective organisations maintain an adequate level of Data Protection, Data Security and Data Compliance in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in place. 

Professionals - KES 25,000

Groups of 5 plus - 5% off KES 25,000

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The Data Protection Training will take place on 26th & 27th April 2023 


Bishop Road First Ngong Ave, Nairobi, Kenya


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